About Me and My Experience:

My name is David Yockey. My background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wilmington College, advanced study in government administration at American University in Washington, D. C. and on Capitol Hill, a Master's degree in Education from the University of Cincinnati, and a Master of Arts in U. S. History from Xavier University. I have been a resident of Milford for the past 48 years, and during that time taught American history and government and served as Department Head for 30 years. Now I have served on the Board of Education for 12 years and am seeking one more term on the Board of Education. As a career educator in Milford I have only one agenda for my service on the Board, and that is to make certain that we are providing the very best education possible to every one of our 6600 students. I believe that we have provided to our students an excellent education at a very moderate cost. Our performance index on testing has risen from the high 90s to more than 105 in the past 5 years while at the same time cutting our spendingin the past 2 fisccal years by $4,180,000 from an already modest budget. Our operating cost per pupil is $1265 PER STUDENT below the State average while performing at a very high level. Not every student that we receive is a candidate for college and academic professions. That is why I have also served for 12 years on the Board of Directors of the Great Oaks Institute of Technology and Career Development. Many of our students attend Great Oaks and have experienced an increasingly challenging curriculum. Many have earned college credits and have gone on to college from Great Oaks. That is also why I am proud that we are trying to develop a program for the shadowing of and mentoring by professionals in our community so that students have a more realistic view of careers. That is also why I have volunteered to serve on the Task force for Workforce Readiness sponsored by the Clermont County Chamber of Commerce. I have a special needs grandson and understand how important it is to serve special needs students as well, and our special education program has been responsible for many families moving to the Milford community. The center of a great education is a caring teacher in every classroom, and I believe that we must create a learning environment and reputation that will attract the best, brightest, and most caring teachers to Milford and to keep them here through their careers. However, a complete education is more than JUST the classroom and preparation for a career. We want our students to develop an appreciation of music and the arts for a full life. Sports, music, and drama play a major role in this development, so it is important that our students have great experiences in those areas as well. That is why I am so appreciative of the fact that our Band Boosters and Athletic Boosters have worked so hard to provide facilities and experiences for our students. The new synthetic turf at Milford Eagle Stadium, for example, should be a source of great pride not only for our athletes but the community at large as an example of what community members can do without requiring the expenditure of taxpayer dollars. We want our students to experience first class facilities. Our 4 new elementary schools provide a great learning environment, and we are in the process of developing 2 more new schools to replace Boyd Smith and Seipelt without having to ask the taxpayers for any additional funds. Great progress has been made in this district in the past few years in meeting the needs of all our students, and I want to help continue the excellence. Good schools are the centerpiece of a great community, and our property values depend on it.